Travel Grants

We are excited to offer the “Constance Rourke Travel Grant” which is available to all graduate students.  The award is $100 to help defray the cost of attending, in addition to free registration.

To apply:

Graduate students may apply for travel funds by including the following information with their paper, panel, and/or roundtable proposal: desire to receive travel funds, grad school name, grad school status (classwork, ABD, final year, etc.), and type of institutional support your school will provide for attending.

We will provide funding for as many graduate students as possible, with awards to scholars available to scholars working in all areas of humor studies and Mark Twain studies.  Scholars will receive their payment at the conference.

Constance Rourke Travel Grants

Named in honor of a key figure in the early study of American humor, this travel grant is supported by individual members of the American Humor Studies Association and Mark Twain Circle in order to promote graduate student work in the fields of humor studies and/or Mark Twain studies.

Donate to the Travel Grant Fund:

The AHSA and MTC need the help of established scholars to make these travel grants happen.  You can donate money when you register for the conference, or you can donate right here and now.

Step 1: Fill out this form

You can also donate when you register for the conference.

Step 2: Hit Submit (page will reload)

Step 3: Donate via Paypal

Thank you to the organization that provided support for the 2018 Conference:


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